Cameras and Mounts

I was watching a video from Harris Heller of Senpai Gaming (see below), and he was describing all of the position attributes of the Panasonic S IIX camera, especially the 6k open gate video.

When I heard about the camera a few weeks ago, I was pretty enthusiastic. But then I realized that this was a full frame camera that used a different mount from the other Panasonic cameras. (They use micro 4/3, like my BMPCC4k camera.)

Now I have lenses for quite a few different mounts, unfortunately. I have two micro 4/3 lenses, a few Canon RF lenses, a few Canon EF lenses, and a number of really old Canon FD lenses.

This leaves me with a dilemma: if I were to get another camera body, which one would I get. I'm not heavily invested in any current platform. EF lenses are widely available, and easily adaptable, but they're not the future.

Another factor: there are rumors that Blackmagic is going to join the L Mount alliance. (Which is what the Panasonic S IIX uses.) That would actually be… interesting. Of course, it complicates my decision. Although maybe not…

I had been considering getting a used Blackmagic Studio camera or two. The base model takes Micro 4/3 lenses, and since I would use the cameras for locked shots, I could just stick with adapted EF or even FD lenses! And I could defer any additional camera mounts for the time being. And I might want to get a speed booster for the BMPCC, especially for my FD lenses as I have a few unusual lenses.

Although the Panasonic S IIX is really nice.

Flange distances (for adapting purposes; not a comprehensive list; just reflecting what I have or am considering).

| Mount | Flange Distance | Notes | |--------------|-----------------|--------------------------------------------------------| | Micro 4/3 | 19.25mm | | | Canon RF | 20mm | No 3rd party electronic control unless adapted EF lens | | Leica L | 20mm | | | Canon FD | 42mm | | | Canon EF | 44mm | | | Canon EF-S | 44mm | I have a few EF-S lenses | | Mamiya 7/7II | 59mm | |