Doing video wrong

I had a rather silly epiphany this morning: I'm recording video wrong. Or, more correctly, I'm focusing on improving video while sitting on my computer. And that includes redoing my desk to get better angles. I was looking at doing demolition of the closet to accomodate things. Now, there is some level of dressing I should probably do.

I had been looking at perhaps a new, wider lens. (I have been using a 40mm and 21mm lens.) I was looking at removing some built-ins in my closet / office / studio. And I was looking at moving my desk so I could increase the separation between me and the camera. I also struggled to deal with light coming from my monitors. I also was looking at getting a dynamic microphone to help with keyboard sounds.

But for videos of me, or videos of me unboxing things, I realized this morning I was thinking too much inside the box. Or inside the closet.

The presense of a computer just causes problems. I really would like two things: some kind of monitor for video (which could be done with flippy screen on camera) and being able to sometimes check my notes (which could be done with cell phone or laptop off to side). Really, if anything, I have good lenses and camera for videoing. I have tripods. I can even remotely trigger it using an app.

So what really am I missing? Theoretically nothing. I was thinking about getting a camera monitor (Atmos), but in the mean time, I can use my cell phone thanks to that device I bought! I had been looking at teleprompters... I can probably deal with it for now, but eventually I can get one that uses my phone.

(Or maybe... I do this...

So maybe then I just need to get some studio lights. Some Aputure lights and soft boxes? But I can also shoot in different rooms in house and leverage daylight?

I still plan on getting a dynamic mic for when I'm live streaming or on work calls. But in the mean time... I am good.